March 17, 2017, by Amy

Great Places to Walk Around Nottingham

I am not much of a walker, it takes a lot for me to get motivated and sometimes I cannot resist the temptation of the bus right outside my house. That being said, the weather is starting to cheer up and sometimes there are places that are too pretty to miss and are fantastic to walk around, whether that be a solo walk with your headphones in or a group walk with your friends to get to know the city a little better.

1.Wollaton Park
There’s not a bad word to be said about Wollaton Park. It’s a nice distance away from campus and Lenton that you can easily walk to and once you arrive there’s a beautiful lake, a hall filled with history and most importantly deer just roaming around casually with you. Don’t forget to Instagram a photograph with the caption ‘At Batman’s house!’

2.The Arboretum
Last summer I searched something along the lines of ‘nice places to walk around Nottingham’ and this repeatedly came up so I thought, sure why not. A little tucked away but the Arboretum has so much to offer, from an array of birds to amazing flower arrangements.

3.The Castle Grounds
It took me until the end of my second year to visit Nottingham castle and I regret not going sooner. Students pay £5 for an annual ticket in which you get to go back whenever you want throughout a year! Also if you get bored of just seeing a bunch of trees and flowers the castle offers a whole museum filled with every stuffed animal you could think of (including a giraffe!) and tonnes of other interesting artefacts. So much to be learnt about Nottingham’s history.

4.University Park Campus
Sometimes, when you’re in a rush to get to a lecture when you’d much rather be in bed, you forget to take a look around and truly appreciate the greenery and sights that the campus has to offer. My favourite spots include the obvious walk around the lake and also the millennium garden (if you can find it!).

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