March 16, 2017, by Emma

Things I would rather do than write my dissertation.


Four things I would rather be doing

  1. Eat the world’s most horrible vegetable
  2. Pluck every single hair out of my body with a pair of tweezers
  3.  Travel across the Pacific Ocean with only Nigel Farage for company
  4. Write a blog post for the Student Life blog
  5. Superglue myself to one of the hopper buses
  6. Teach a bee how to play golf
  7. Try to impress a very critical wolf
  8. Step on a lego
  9. Actually talk to one of the SU campaigners
  10. Write somebody else’s dissertation
  11. Watch paint dry
  12. Watch Suicide Squad 9 times
  13. Hand knit my flatmate a jumper made from the hair she left in the shower  
  14. Ask a very boring ghost for his life story
  15. Split my soul into 7 horcruxes 
  16. Travel round the whole of campus in a sleigh pulled by snails
  17. Cry about Brexit
  18. Laugh about Brexit (and then cry about Brexit again)
  19. Do my make up using only different brands of butter
  20. Anything at all!

If you have any ideas about other things I could do instead of writing my dissertation please let me know!

Also, today’s blog was illustrated by my lovely and hilarious friend Will Hughes. Check him out here: Willustrations or on Facebook


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