March 8, 2017, by Lucy

Annie’s Burger Shack

Annie’s, Annie’s, Annie’s. Where have you been all of my life? Why have I only recently discovered the taste of your burgers? How did I survive 18 years of my life limited to a burger palate spanning from the likes of a Mayo Chicken to the dizzying heights of a Big Mac? I have been sheltered.

For all of you burger sceptics out there (as was I), they are not just limited to a bit of meat placed in between two sad looking buns, garnished with a single lettuce leaf and a bit of mayo. Oh no, it is an art form… Peanut butter and jelly loaded on a patty? Go to Annie’s. A roast dinner in the form a burger? Annie’s have completed it, mate. What about pancakes? Of course, they’ve been there.

Now, the amazingness of Annie’s isn’t just reliant upon their weird and wonderful burger combinations (they have over 30, btw), but it’s also their ability to make all of them vegetarian or vegan. Every single one. Now, if that is not the stuff that Harry Potter doesn’t dream of doing than I don’t know what he wants to use his magic for (asides from all that Voldemort malarkey anyway). So, for all you non meat eaters out there, what is stopping you? Hop on a bus down to the city centre, find your way to the Lace Market and walk right in to Annie’s, you will be always be welcome.

Give yourself a break from the constant food cycle of pasta and cereal and indulge your senses with the finest American delicacies. Go on, I dare you.



1) The North Carolina: ‘burger topped with 8 hour slow cooked BBQ’d pulled pork. Topped with melted Red Leicester and a pinch of crispy fried onions’.

2) The Reggie: ‘A burger topped with four rashers of American style bacon, Velveeta style cheese with an extra crispy homemade hashbrown in the middle’.

3) The New England Yankee Brisket: ‘Burger stacked with sliced tender homemade brisket beef, topped with melted American cheese. Served with a dip pot of beef jus.’


Why not have a look at their delicious menu yourself? 

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