March 3, 2017, by Amy

Why I Love the Savoy Cinema

For practically a year and a half now I have lived five minutes away from a 1930s cinema and I have not made the most of this until now.

The Savoy cinema oozes glorious vintage style, there is something intimate about the small screens and the old fashioned layout that makes me feel like I just stepped into a James Dean movie. Seeing La La Land in the Savoy was such a unique experience, watching a love letter to classic Hollywood play out on a cinema that was built before the second world war.


There’s a reason why cinemas never flopped when home media was introduced. The panic that people would no longer leave their homes to go and watch a film when they could have it right in their living room was not necessary. This is because there is nothing quite like sitting in an auditorium with a group of people who also paid to see this film, sharing a big box of popcorn with a loved one and completely immersing yourself into a film for a couple of hours. You leave the cinema and all have conversations over the film, what you liked and what you didn’t like – it’s just a  fantastic experience.

In my first year in Nottingham I mostly went into town and watched films in the big Cineworld with its glorious huge IMAX cinema and whilst that was brilliant, for me it doesn’t beat being able to walk five minutes from my home, pop into a small independent cinema, grab some popcorn and sit in a small room that holds so much history. I also go to the cinema so much more now because of the price. I used to work at a cinema and get tickets for free, so you can imagine my shock when I was seeing minimum £9 prices to go and watch a film. The Savoy’s student price of £4.50 makes me want to go and see films I perhaps wouldn’t have seen and now I’ve fallen in love with the cinema and hope that I don’t move too far away next year to be able to make a weekly visit!

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