February 28, 2017, by Shweta

Inspired Musings of an International Student

Sometime ago I moved 4000 miles away from home to pursue a higher education at the University of Nottingham. After having watched one too many ‘coming-of-age’ movies in high school, I was extremely excited to move to a new town and make new memories. Unfortunately, as I settled into my flight, the disappearing city lights provoked an almost paralysing sense of fear. A confusion that I had not experienced up until that moment.


However, it wasn’t long before I got used to living on my own. As the weeks went by, I found myself making fewer panicked calls to my parents. I found myself revelling in the sense of solitude and responsibility that comes with living alone. Over Christmas break, my experiences as an international student allowed me to inspire several high school seniors to strive for a life outside their comfort zone. Talking to them further put into perspective just how lucky I was to be able to cross oceans in search of an education.


Studying in Nottingham showed me that leaving a space I am familiar with would help me seek a life bigger than anything I’ve ever known before. Navigating a new town gave me a chance to be on my own, showing me just how capable and invincible I am. At our age, life can be confusing. All these years, we were taught everything we knew. When you move away for university, you inevitably enter a world with new ideas and finally, you will be in charge of what you believe in. You will become your own teacher. You will learn who you truly are and you will choose who you want to become.


Whether you’re a high school graduate scared to leave home, or a frustrated university student missing familiarity, this blog post is a reminder that change can be good. That sometimes, leaving behind what you’ve always known and beginning anew can be the best thing to happen to you.


Until next time,

An inspired international student

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