February 25, 2017, by Janice

Confessions Of A Law Student

Law school changes people, sometimes in ways that we would never have expected. Well, if you’re a law student like me, you’ve probably noticed these 4 (rather random and funny) changes in you since entering law school.


1.You will never watch legal dramas the same ever again

You may not be able to watch “Suits” or “Law and Order” the same ever again. Watching these TV shows turns you into the world’s harshest TV critic. You can’t help it but point out the legal inaccuracies on these shows. And need I mention the perming scene in Legally Blonde?


2. Hollywood what? 

Move aside, Hollywood. You know you’re a law student when your idols comprise of the legal world’s major figures, with Lord Denning (everyone’s favourite judge) high up on that list. Take for example, earlier this week, the President of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, Lord Neuberger, dropped by the law school for a Q&A session. The place was packed to the brim, with law students clamouring to catch a glimpse of him and hearing what he had to say.


3. You’ve learned Latin (well, kind of)

Ex turpi causa, actus reus, de minimis… do these Laitn legal terms sound familiar to you?


4. Improved Typing Skills

The typing noises during lectures might be something one needs time to get accustomed to. I remember being a bright-eyed first year law student with a typing speed of a tortoise, making sure my paragraphs were aligned and free from typos after every paragraph. Well in a law lecture, there is no time for that. Gone were the perfect paragraphs and sentences, what mattered most was getting every single word down… FAST!



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