February 12, 2017, by Siobhan

Will You Be My Valentine?

Lovesick, love-struck, or loveless? Valentine’s Day brings about all kinds of emotions: excitement, gratitude, sadness, maybe even disgust. We all have a different opinion on the day, and all deal with it accordingly. Whether you’re like me and are a cold-hearted love hater turned soppy, hopeless romantic or just appreciate the day because of the half price flowers and chocolates the following day, I’m going to propose how we can all make the most out of all the chocolate retailers favourite day of the year.

For me, Valentine’s Day is going to be a difficult one. I’ll wake up to a super busy day of lectures and seminars, mouldy milk in the fridge and a boyfriend who’s 120 miles away. We all know what it’s like missing someone, or a place since coming to uni, so I’m sure you can all sympathise with me! Being away from people you love is hard enough on normal days, but on a day designed for sharing your love with people, it’s even harder. You might think I’m stupid, but I’m absolutely sure I’m not the only person feeling it. However, I’m going to fight the power of cupid and make the day the best I can. Instead of famously ‘having a date with Ben and Jerry’, I’m gonna have a date with myself. Since being at uni, it seems that any free time is filled up being surrounded by people and very little is spent alone. So, I’m going to have a major pamper evening and show me, just how much I love well, me. After all, a little bit of self-appreciation never hurt anyone, did it?

Everyone moans that Valentine’s Day is a dreadful social construct that aims to empty the pockets of loved up losers. A year ago, I would have agreed, but now that I am one of those loved up losers, I can see that there’s actually nothing bad about appreciating your loved ones once in a while. In fact, maybe we need day’s like V-Day to come around a bit more often, as our generation spends most of its time body shaming or comparing ourselves to others, and certainly not loving one another. That doesn’t mean that the day is confined to people in relationships, why not go and show your appreciation for your friends or family? After all, love knows no bounds.

The bottom line is, we all need a little love. Whether you’re giving it out to others, or blessing yourself with it, no love can ever be wasted. The day might be hyped up by retailers, but it doesn’t have to cost a penny. A sweet gesture, or an act of kindness can generate more happiness than a bouquet of over-priced roses ever could.

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