January 29, 2017, by Siobhan

The Devil Wears Primark

Do you ever walk around campus and catch yourself gawping at beautifully dressed women fluttering their way from building to building in gorgeous fabrics, and you’re left feeling like Andrea Sachs on her first day at Runway? I know I do. These ladies, or sorcerers perhaps, seem to have managed to come out on top of the growing pile of dirty laundry and ever-increasing student debt and look phenomenal. Now, I’m no Karl Lagerfeld, but I think I might have sussed out how to make the most of out of your wardrobe, and to feel great, without killing your bank account.

One thing my mum has had drilled into me for years is to not waste things, specifically food. I always had to clear my plate, even if it was the dreaded nut roast on the menu. So, she will be pleased to know I’m finally taking her advice, just with something else. Waste not want not, they say, and how very true that is. Once in a while, we all treat ourselves to a pricey evening dress of some sort (which is FINE, by the way, it’s ok to treat yourself), wear it, and hang it up to live a sad little life in the darkness of our wardrobe. Well, I’m saying no to hiding our beauties away for formal events, and getting rid of the term ‘occasion dresses’ all together.

Instead, were not going to waste their gorgeousness or our money and we are going to use them to their full potential. Personally, I have a long, black wrap around ball gown, and I wear it to death. The key is being versatile and not being afraid to be creative. Of course, you can wear it in all its ‘occasion dress’ glory, but you can dress it down to make the most of it day to day. I wear mine underneath a jumper with a skinny belt to tuck it into, or super casual with a white tee and trainers. Either way, you’re comfy and stylish but feel amazing because you’re sitting in a lecture…in a ball gown. Dress smart, think smart, right?





My second idea might not be for everyone, but I live for it. Everyone, I give you permission to go out and spend a few pennies on the most gorgeous, lacy, sparkly, extravagant bra you can find. And now, wear it as a top. I have a number of bralettes that I unapologetically wear as a top on a night out, or day today in the warmer months. Of course, feel free to wear them as standard underwear, but I think it’s a waste to hide such pretty garments under clothes. I like to wear mine with high-waisted trousers or culottes, or with a silky cardigan thrown over the top. Now, your clothes have a dual purpose, kind of like 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Amazing.


Now, my final tip for making the most out of your wardrobe is to not fear the big baggy jumper. You might think it should only come out on freezing cold nights or when you’re dying from flu, but trust me. The big baggy jumper is your friend. If you haven’t got one already, you can find amazing ones in charity shops and vintage stores for literally a couple of pounds. (Or, you can raid your mum’s chest of drawers like I did.) Honestly, they are a big bundle of warm, comfy, fluffy joy. Wear it to the gym with leggings or shorts, pop on some knee high boots and a mini skirt, or throw on over a pair of dungarees or a jumpsuit. Fabulousness is guaranteed.


The moral of the story is to not be afraid to treat yourself every now and then, but to also really make the most out of what you already own. Try to come out of that frame of mind that certain items are meant only for certain events or moods, and throw on whatever takes your fancy. The braver you are, the easier it becomes to piece an outfit together, and it becomes less likely for you to find yourself in an ‘I have nothing to wear!’ fiasco.

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