February 4, 2017, by Lucy

University: Expectations vs Reality


– Expectation: despite having no culinary experience, you will be quite the magician in the kitchen. Lasagne? Pips. Soufflé? Easy. A flame grilled chicken breast in a garlic crumb coating, accompanied by homemade Cajun sweet potato fries and a lemon zested guacamole relish? Completed it, mate. Everything you touch will turn into something worthy of the Masterchef title. Call me Gordon Ramsey, pass me that Michelin star.

– Reality: you’ve only been at uni for 4 days and have already shunned the idea of kitchen appliances. Thoughts of using the hob fill you with fear, and don’t even get me started on using the oven. But hey, your laziness and lack of kitchen skills do not dampen your culinary expectations. But why, you ask? Because Domino’s does 24-hour delivery. #blessed


– Expectation: you will be out every day, every night, painting the town red. Your mantra will be ‘work hard, play hard’. Any instances of being in bed before 1am will be a disappointment. During the day, you will be hanging out at quaint coffee shops, talking about all the clothes you’ve just amassed on your recent haul. By night-time you will be trawling through the local bars, sipping on extravagant cocktails. This is what uni is about isn’t it?

– Reality: it is 6pm and you are curled up in bed watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. You haven’t seen a single person all day, apart from the brief encounter you had with the Hermes man when you collected a parcel that wasn’t even yours. You wonder whether this is your life now, would it be that bad to become an urban hermit? Possibly not.


– Expectation: work will be done, or at least started, the day that it is set. You will hand in your coursework weeks before the deadline whilst watching all the last-minute crammers with a sense of smugness. Bless them and their disorganisation.

– Reality: you know you should do your work ASAP. You know it would be better if the information was still fresh in your mind. You know that it could all be so easy. But, for some reason (probably laziness), you reject this common sense and spend your time napping. As the deadline period looms you are left in a state of despair having 6 essays and 3 analytical commentaries to write, why are you like this?

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