February 10, 2017, by Janice

4 Things Only Final Year Students Will Understand

1. Finally realising you’re an adult now

Most of us are probably gonna get a full-time job in one year’s time. That means added responsibility, less sleep and time to save money. Some of us might go on to undertake postgraduate studies. That means pretending to be more mature (so as to not get mistaken for an undergraduate), more books and another chance to relive uni all over again.


2. You will miss your friends / housemates

These people have stuck with you through thick and thin. They’ve seen you burn food in the kitchen, they’ve seen your just-woke-up face, they’ve seen your messy room. You’ll probably miss your housemates encroaching into your personal space all the time, having spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen, and knowing that there will always be someone there to hear you out.

3. Exam results do matter — It’s now or never

Your examination results mean a lot to you now compared to when you were in your first year. You’re dreading May exams, but you also know that it’ll probably be your final hurdle before graduation. And your graduation depends on those results! No stress.


4. You know the drill — Been there, done that.

You probably won’t get lost on campus anymore, you know your way around campus like a pro. You’re probably so used to being a student that you can’t imagine not being one anymore. Freshers Week seemed like a lifetime ago for you, and you probably won’t wanna relive that week again, considering you caught the worst flu in history, a.k.a. freshers flu.


Oh, and did I mention that graduation is in 5 month’s time? 



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