February 7, 2017, by Amy

5 Ways University Is Just Like Hogwarts

Recently, I have started to relisten to the fantastic Harry Potter audiobooks voiced by Stephen Fry. I quickly began to notice parallels between university life and life at Hogwarts (minus all the epic magic unfortunately). Here’s a list of 5 ways in which the University of Nottingham is just like Hogwarts!


1.The People
Almost everyone you meet is comparable to one of the characters from Harry Potter. You have your Hermoines that turn up to every class and spend their free time in the library, your Nevilles (which to be honest, is probably me) who are always forgetful and late. Your Harry Potters who are at the centre of any party and the best in their sport team and of course your Luna Lovegoods who you’re not entirely sure are aware where they are but they have impeccable fashion sense.


2.Care of Magical Creatures
When coming to the University of Nottingham you quickly become accustomed to the protective nature of the beasts of UoN. These fantastic creatures grace the campus, stopping buses, cars and people alike in their tracks so that they can cross the road.


Yes, Nottingham has a quidditch society so you can literally go to quidditch practice after classes. Also, every year when varsity comes around it suddenly becomes  the epic finale match between Griffindor and Slytherin.


The Quidditch World Cup 2015

4.The Great Feast
Back in the days of first year, catered accommodation meant you went down to the dinner hall and were seated on rows of tables with your food that was served to you. Now the meals may not have been as grand as the food magically produced in Harry Potter, but did they serve fifty different types of potato in Hogwarts? I think not.


5.Common Rooms
Whether it’s the JCR in your hall accommodation or your living room in your student house, it’s nice to have a communal area where you and your friends can hang out together after a hard day of divinatio- I mean… mathematics.


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