January 13, 2017, by Janice

My Library Observations

The library is starting to become the new student hub this week. Whether it’s exams, coursework or deadlines, everyone seems to be stressed out about something. Hence, the sudden surge in students in the library – where people like me, stay (or camp) in the library like it’s our second home. Whilst procrastinating (I do that a lot), I made a few observations:

1. The Library Hunger Games


The daily game of survival-of-the-fittest never gets old. I remember dragging myself to the library at 7 am just to get a decent seat with an electrical socket nearby – only to fall asleep on the table as soon as I sat down. The library starts filling up by 10 am, come after lunchtime and you will be very disappointed.


2.The never-ending queue for the water dispenser


The water dispenser is probably one of the most visited places in the library. Where else would we be able get to free water? Where else would we be able to stretch our aching muscles other than by bending down to dispense some water? Where else would we be able to kill some precious time other than by waiting in line to get water?


3. The never-ending queue for coffee
454e556521d29575c56b152a6dda52f3As exams loom closer, the line for coffee gets longer. Now that the library is open 24/7, it’s not just coffee that everyone’s buying anymore, but also stocking up for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper etc.


4. Bertie, Hallward Library’s Resident Feline


Now you see him, now you don’t. In the mornings, you will find Bertie chilling at the entrance of Hallward library. Then, he’ll be gone, vanished into thin air – only to reappear the next morning, same time, same place.



As for this sudden surge of students in the library, this is all temporary. Come the last week of January and there will be pin-drop silence. As for those working hard in the library right now, good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!


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