December 2, 2016, by Janice

Surviving Winter in a Cold Student House

As a university student, a cold house is pretty much a given. Last week, the central heating system in my house broke down… again. In desperate times like this, my housemates and I had to get creative in order to survive. Here are some hacks that we picked up during our many cold trying times.


1. Got a cold window? Use bubble wrap!

There will always be that one window that gets exceptionally cold during the winter. I guess glass isn’t a very good insulator.

The steps are simple. All you need are some bubble wrap and a spray bottle of water. Cut the bubble wrap to fit the size of each window pane, and use a spray bottle to apply a light mist of water on the window. The water will create a seal that will hold the bubble wrap against the window.

And voila. You have your very own window insulator!

2. DIY a draught excluder 

Using skinny jeans as a draught stopper takes creativity to a whole new level

Using skinny jeans as a draught excluder takes creativity to a whole new level

Who needs to buy a draught excluder when you can make one? There are so many ways, as seen on Pinterest, to make a DIY draught stopper, from skinny jeans to a rolled-up towel. As long as it does the job. I’ve even had a friend that stuffed tissues under the door as a temporary solution.

3. Leave the oven door open after using it

Might as well take advantage of the heat you used to heat up your food, right? This hack resulted in my housemates and I crowding in the kitchen in the middle of the night after one of us thought it was a good idea to have a slice of pizza for supper.

It actually worked… for a little while. But a little taste of warmth is better than nothing.

4. When all else fails, use a hair dryer


I remember waking up one winter night (central heating was down again), shivering and unable to go back to sleep. Suddenly, it struck me – the hair dryer, my secret weapon! Try using the hair dryer to blow dry under your duvet. It will take only 5 minutes to get a perfectly warm bed, then its back to a good night’s sleep.



Lastly, make a warm cup of tea, put on your favourite onesie and curl up in a duvet cocoon! Only to reappear when winter ends.

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