November 30, 2016, by Lucy

Songs That Sum up Being at UoN

The Proclaimers – 500 Miles

Walking to the QMC on my first day of Freshers’ at 9am made me realise two things: 1) someone obviously had it against me to have me undergo this feat, but also 2) the campus is HUGE. Now, I enjoy the campus’ size as it is able to hide vast amounts of secret places that are unique to the uni… I mean, what other uni has a waterfall complete with stepping stones? However, when you have a lecture at 9am and then another one at 5pm, walking to and from the campus can be seen as a chore, never mind including the wet leaves and ice that add another inconvenience to this task. Not only will you leave Notts with a good degree and the experience of a lifetime, but you’ll also shock your parents when you present them with the calves of an Olympic athlete. Seriously.


Miley Cyrus – The Climb

I’m sorry, I just had to emphasise the size of the campus. Consider Miley’s vocals as being a narration of your whole university experience: both the walking and the hardships of trying to get that first. And for all the Arts students, I find it to be fitting as you undergo the final stage of commitment to your education by climbing up ALL of them stairs in Hallward. Again, with them obstacles.


Tame Impala – The Less I Know the Better

Maybe it’s just isolated to my block, but a day doesn’t pass where someone doesn’t blast this out of their speakers. Even away from halls there is no escaping the grips of Tame Impala, one trip to Mooch and you will definitely hear them come on at least twice. Maybe the uni is just trying to affirm its reputation as being indie away from all the academia, who knows?


Spice Girls – Wannabe

This song is appropriate for any time: nights in and nights out. It reflects socialising at uni on a whole new level. Whether you find yourself in your halls’ common room doing karaoke, or if you’re simply ordering a takeaway with the girls, the Spice Girls are always relevant. I mean, not only do they bring a cheesy spark to your night, but also a whole new level of friendship goals… before Geri left, obviously.


Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This

9ams. The walk to Coates. Essays. Deadlines. Daniel Bedingfield’s got your back, together you will get through this. Garage music has never been more relatable. Long live noughties pop.


Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life

University is one heck of an experience. From living with your mates to escaping adulthood for a minimum of three years, what else could you ask for? Just as Johnny and Baby close the show with that dance and infectious sing-along, uni too is full of joys. Yeah, yeah, deadlines and essays may get you down, but if Baby can perfect that lift, you can perfect that essay.

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