November 14, 2016, by Joshua Smith

“I’m not a lecturer, I’m a student.” 4 hurdles you’ll overcome as a mature student.


1. You may start drinking coffee because you need too, not out of choice.

Or is this just me?

Anyway, as a mature student you no doubt have many commitments to juggle as well as studying for your degree.

Caffeine can be your good friend at times. What’s the hurdle here?

There’s no separate line for people who actually know what they want to order.

Also if you start to do the math on one or two a day, it starts to get kinda expensive.

Buy a keep cup, and make it at home.

(if you need some coffee inspiration check out these recipes)


2. You’re going to be busy. But this is ok, you’ll become a time management ninja.

Again with the juggling of commitments.

You want to get a quality degree right? Of course!

Then you need to set aside enough time to give your education the attention it deserves.

No one is going to give you the time, you have to take it.

You can get an online or paper calendar/diary and get organised each week.

I put all of my lectures in my diary at the beginning of term, then sit down each Sunday and look at the week ahead.

When can you carve out time for your learning?


3. Make time for mindfulness when the going gets tough.

This is a great opportunity and there are lots of great experiences to be had as a mature student.

Try not to get too bogged down in journals, textbooks, hustle etc. Even if you are really busy…

Can you spare some time each week just for you? Even if it’s just 30 minutes, that’ll do.

This could be reading a your favourite book, joining one of the many amazing societies or simply going for a stroll (the arboretum at SB is lovely).

Whatever it is, carve out some time for you and protect it, you deserve some you time.


4. You may be mistaken for a lecturer.

At a meet a greet for new students and their lecturers, I introduced myself to one of the professors, to which she replied to my confusion/amusement.

“I’m so sorry about the email late on Friday, it’s been a really busy week, I’ll introduce you to your group of students shortly”.

Ok great, I know I have my Dad’s dress sense, and my beard is due a trim but come on! I’m not that old?

I’m also not the talented Mr Ripley (great film), so I replied “I’m not a lecturer, I’m a student”.

She apologised, citing a long week. Which I can understand.

If you are mistaken for a lecturer, you can either take it as a compliment or have a crack at teaching the class. It’s up to you.


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