August 26, 2016, by Amy

How to Decorate Your University Bedroom

If you are heading to the University of Nottingham this September – congratulations! You are in for a fantastic time!

You’re probably busy trying to get everything together, frantically buying supplies and reading online lists or watching youtube videos on what to pack. It feels just like yesterday I was doing the same.

Whether you’re in catered or non-catered accommodation,  with an ensuite or shared bathroom hopefully this guide will help give you some ideas on how to make your room feel like home when you move away.


Never underestimate the importance of photographs – printed ones, not just on your phone. There are going to be those days when you feel home sick and having familiar faces plastered over your walls can really bring a sense of home. They are also excellent conversation starters during freshers week, particularly if you put up photographs of your pets!


You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this one room, whether you’re catching up on your reading or coming home for a nap in between lectures, so you want the place to feel homely and fresh! Plants are excellent in the fact that they bring a room to life, adding a slash of colour and energy and all around make you feel like an adult who knows what they’re doing with their life! (Extra tip: If you’re terrible at looking after things like me, opt for less high maintenance plants like cacti or invest in some fake ones from Ikea … no one will know!)



3.A Rug
I purchased a rug on a whim because I saw one I liked in Ikea but I was surprised as to how much difference it made to my room. I got to wake up everyday and stand on a nice comfy rug and during freshers it became the centre of the room and something we would all sit around. It made the room feel so much more like my own.


Fairy lights and/or a desk lamp are going to make a tonne of difference in the atmosphere of your room. They bring  a much warmer vibe that makes your feel more at home. They can also make your bedroom look much more instagram worthy if that’s what you are into.


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