August 1, 2016, by Olivia

Uni: Top Five Moments

This day has finally come, where I am writing my final blog post for the university. It also means that I am no longer a student at the university. Don’t get me wrong, I am so glad to be done with exams (for a while at least). However I am not quite ready to stop being a student and starting work soon. I thought that while I was feeling nostalgic that I would reminisce on some of my favourite moments.

1. First Year


Okay, okay I know this doesn’t count as a memory but my entire first year was memorable okay? I felt that whole year was just one for the books from my first social to Guy Fawkes night.

2. Working the International Welcome Programme


While I was lucky enough to attend the welcome programme when I was a fresher, getting to see what went on into it was equally exciting. I loved this experience as I got to meet so many new students from all over the world while working alongside diverse team members. I think it is probably the least amount of sleep I got in a week. Saying that, the friendships and things I learnt on the job will not be forgotten.

3. Going to Angers, France on a Pharmacy Exchange Trip


I did not expect to have such fun on an educational trip by the university, but boy was I wrong. Not only were welcomed so warmly by our friends in Angers, the week was full of both cultural and educational activities, These included a visit to Angers Castle, hospital production sites and the Cointreau factory! I highly recommend it to any pharmacy student.

4. Being a Student Blogger

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Oh the fun I have had with this job! I couldn’t have thought of a better way to document university life trying to come up with blogs for the university. While challenging, it was an amazing experience from wonderful reader feedback to the amazing uni team. I’m not just saying this because they’re reading this but they made it such a pleasure to stick around. Thanks you guys!

5. Graduation + Filming for Graduation



Of course graduation is on this list. Having to get dressed up, gowned up and have everyone’s attention  as you collect your certificate. This is likely to be a once in a lifetime event for me and I was glad to have spent the day with my family and friends.Additionally, I was also filmed by the university for graduation and this added to all the excitement of the day.

What I am trying to say is, I had a really great time at university, and while you may think these are a strange bunch of memories to pick it just goes to show how unique your own university experience will be! I hope you take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy yourself.

With that I bid you all a final goodbye as a student blogger. Thank you for the memories UoN.

Much love, Olivia.

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