March 24, 2016, by Dushy

Easter in Notts


Even though I am a home student, I have chose to spend the majority of my Easter holiday here in Nottingham so that I can focus on these final exams! Little did I know that Nottingham changes as soon as students leave. Here are a few pros and cons about staying in Nottingham over the holidays.


Lets start with the cons:

  • IT’S QUIET!!!! Faraday Road has become bleak and desolate. You don’t hear any more students at 8.30 walking to their 9am. I counted on you guys to be my alarm clock!
  • The 31 and 34 have gone into hibernation mode. I now have to get on a bus into town with the locals!
  • The lack of communication with humans. Except for the walk to the gym, the only time I see people are on the TV or my family on Skype.
  • I notice every little sound happening around me. The boiler has scared me a couple of times in the middle of the night, as well as the sound of an owl. I now sleep with one eye open.


Next the pros:

  • I am actually working! With no distractions from the housemates or my family (if I was at home), a quiet house means I should actually be productive this Easter.
  • I can have a shower/cook whenever I want to. The freedom to just have a shower at midnight without waking anyone up is amazing. Although I still miss having company when cooking, housemates please come back!!!


As you can see the cons definitely outweigh the pros for me, as I mainly want to revise this Easter and do not have time for a social life. But for anyone still here this Easter I’m sure you’re having a great time and not being as paranoid as me.

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