January 25, 2016, by Emily Howard

5 reasons why Refreshers is better than Freshers

Exam season is officially OVER! Cue the return of socialising and going out – after the million hours of sleep to catch up on, of course. It’s not called refreshers for nothing; and instead of seeing the week as a calmed-down version of freshers (a reflection of your own student progression), here’s why refreshers week is actually better than freshers!

1. You already have your friends


No dull and repetitive ‘what are you studying?’ conversations, no anxiety that you won’t find “your people”, no reason to try to impress anyone! Imagine freshers all over again with your actual best buds.

2. Non-first-years don’t miss out…


Third years have tried it every year since freshers: somehow find or create a wristband/attempt to sneak into freshers events/at least go to ONE club night in Nottingham that allows entry old fogies like us. Tried, and failed. This time around, however, we get allowed out of the attic to join the party!

3. …but you can pretend to be a first year again!


Repress that sense of responsibility! Banish the foreboding doom of impending, independent adult life! In fact, squash any sense of maturity!

4. You can try that society that you always meant to join, for free!


Societies and sports are looking for some fresh meat, so the SU works with many of them to co-ordinate free taster sessions. Remember all those things you promised yourself you’d do at uni? *cough* Quidditch *cough*



One word (okay, maybe two): free dominos.

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