January 13, 2016, by Gemma Coleman

New Term, New Me (lol jk)

Disclaimer to future employers: I am not actually like this. This is a sketch. Please hire me.

Dear Diary,  I can’t wait to write in your fresh pages everyday. I’m going to write especially neatly in you. This is a new start. Maybe I’ll write some inspirational quotes at the top of each page, get myself motivated. New term, new me. Or maybe this term will just go like every other…

So full of hope and potential

So full of hope and potential

25th January Feels nice to be getting back into a routine. Stretch my legs, go to a lecture. Might even get my new pencil case out in my seminar. Show everyone how committed I am to note writing.


26th January   I’ll have a look through the module guides, write my deadlines in my new diary. I should get that out in my seminar too. Wow, that’s a lot of reading. No worries, I can make time for both the essential and supplementary – it’s all just a matter of organising my time.


29th January Ok, maybe just the essential. Yes, just the essential. That will give me more time for all the new societies I’m going to join. I’ll go swimming every Wednesday. Maybe write a novel, or learn how to make macaroons. Self-development. That would be more beneficial than supplementary readings.

My pencil case's design just screams professionalism

My pencil case’s design just screams professionalism

15th February Missed swimming again. But I walked to campus, so it’s not like I’m not exercising.


28th February I could just watch that film about the Cold War instead of reading the article. That would make me more rounded, appear more worldly to my tutors. I could do some squats whilst I watch it. Make up for all the runs I forgot to go on this week. Or maybe I should eat that leftover Christmas chocolate during the film. Yeah, that would clear some space in my room. De-clutter. Zen. Make my head clearer for essay writing.

Such organisation

Such organisation

13th March Can’t decide whether this should be a diary or a journal. Perhaps I should just do monthly entries, give me more time to read fiction books and stuff. Or just a ‘to-do’ list. That would be more efficient. Handwriting slowly degenerating. Readings starting to pile up. I’ll just read them for revision during the holidays, though. Shouldn’t beat myself up too much, it’s probably better to read them nearer the exams.


16th March I have a lot of work to do. Oops.


18th March A lot more than I thought – didn’t I do that reading?

So hashtag motivational

So hashtag motivational



22nd March Ok, let’s just calculate how much I need to pass.


28th March THE WORK IS NEVER GOING TO END. I’ll just curl up in my work nest and reappear when exam season is over.


5th June Oh wow, it ended. Guess I better go get a job now. And a new diary.

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