November 12, 2015, by Danny Bav

? 5 reasons why you should embrace the Autumn vibes ?

Hot chocolate

Maybe my cups of tea can wait…

1.) Cosy nights

The cold weather associated with autumn provides the perfect excuse to curl up on the sofa and indulge in your favourite warm drink. Although some may opt for the traditional hot chocolate with marshmallows, my autumnal drink of choice is definitely a classic cup of tea.

(I’m currently surrounded by copious amounts of empty mugs on my desk… eeek!)

However, despite my tea addiction, I did run into a place that does pretty great white hot chocolate! ?

2.) It’s atmospheric

A few weeks ago my friend and I found ourselves roaming around Wollaton park during a late Sunday afternoon. It was amazing how the autumn fog added an aura of tranquility over the park, providing us with a calming way to round off the week. The park was beautiful, mysterious and eerie at the same time and I loved it.

Misty Wollaton

Misty shot at Wollaton park – thanks @aleyshamcg ?

3.) Christmas is just around the corner

Christmas markets soon anybody? I recently saw that new John Lewis advert that’s been floating around the internet and it inevitably marks the fact that Christmas is near. Whether it’s early enough to start listening to Christmas songs is debatable, but Christmas markets will soon start to crop up. Time to spend my student loan on Christmas presents (for myself of course), oh… and maybe a little something for my friends and family too! ?

4.) Halloween

Some of my highlights of Halloween definitely have to include pumpkin carving, hiding from those pesky trick or treaters and finding myself being swarmed by zombies and ghosts on a night out – don’t worry they weren’t real!

Even though many people celebrate Halloween, I’ve never really known the origins of it, hmm…

A quick Google search reveals that Halloween is based on the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It marks a day of transition towards dark and cold nights, and also marks the point where the boundary between the living and the dead become blurred.

Now that I think about it… birds are retreating south, leaves are falling off trees; Halloween actually has quite a dark meaning. ?

5.) Bonfire night

Fortunately for us, Forest Recreation Ground holds a free firework display every year. I recently made a vlog for the event, so I’ll just let the video do the talking. ?


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