June 29, 2015, by Olivia

4 Reasons Being On 4-Year Course is Great (and not so great)



1. Putting off “Real World” Responsibilities (for the time-being)

You get to put off post university responsibilities for at least another year. Think about it, while your university friends who are graduating this year are stressing about things like finding a job or moving back home you are still warm in your little university bubble! I mean what do you have to worry about for now other than taking care of yourself, attending lectures and having fun?

2. Freebies
As I point out in point CON No. 1 your friends will leave you. However, an upside to this is said friends will now either be moving home or elsewhere where they may no longer have use for random bits of cutlery, books or if you are lucky; a TV!



1. Your Friends Will Leave You
All those friends you made in first year? Yep, gone as they are leaving you behind as they move on to the real world while you have a year (or more) until your time comes. Sure you will still keep in touch and you may visit each other now and then. However, spontaneous movie nights, going out for post-exam drinks or even simple things we take for granted like popping over for a chat can no longer happen as proper planning will be involved around your university schedule and their work hours. Sigh.

2. Another Year of Exams

Your friends who are graduating get to move on to jobs but you are still here having to go through that dreaded coursework-exam season that happens twice a year. I mean university life is great overall but I would gladly trade up my spot to not have to go through another year of that stressful couple of weeks of revision and examinations. No thank you very much!

Finally one bonus point that is both a pro and a con: Having to make new friends

Nottingham's Ningbo Campus

Making new friends doesn’t come easily to everyone and I am no exception. It is difficult having to move on from the people that you have been close to and trusted over the past three years to expanding your friendship group (even more so for some of you who are staying on and have to find new flatmates). However daunting it may be, there is an undeniable thrill of making new friends and starting all over again with a stranger, who knows? Just don’t become that person that abandons their old friends!


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