May 21, 2015, by Olivia

5 (more) Ways to Stay Sane during Revision

1. Get a change of scene

Having a flat white and getting some work done at Wired Cafe.

Having a flat white and getting some work done at Wired Cafe.

I find that a change of scene helps a little in making revision a little more bearable. It could be something as simple as going outside, or going over to a friend’s place to study. Those of you going to the library might have become attached that one seat. You could maybe switch it up by going to the different libraries on campus?

2. Have a revision timetable
This is one of my favourite ways to procrastinate before I start revision, (I can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to hours planning my revision). However if I make realistic plans, a revision plan/timetable is super helpful as it give you perspective by keeping you on track. Plus you can’t deny the satisfaction of slowly ticking off the work you have done and watch as you progress closer and closer to the last day of exam season and onto summer break!

3. Take a proper break

Best crêpes in Nottingham at Aubrey's Traditional Creperie as a mid-revision break.

Best crêpes in Nottingham at Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie as a mid-revision break.

I don’t mean those mini-breaks you take for the loo or to make yourself some food. If you have been doing well and revising has been going according to plan, you deserve some well-earned rest! Take a proper break that lasts maybe about 2 hours or so, preferably something that requires getting away from your study environment be that your room or the library. Why not make a little trip to town for lunch or maybe a movie? Being away will take your mind of things and when you get back you will be feeling refreshed and ready to continue! Just don’t take too many of these big breaks though, that’s only for after exams! 😉

4. Don’t forget to take care of yourself
I know it is tempting to skip meals and other routines such as sleep and maybe even showering but you really shouldn’t as it will only make you feel worse. Also nothing beats a good shower or a nap to refresh you! That aside keeping good personal hygiene, eating well and having enough sleep will keep illness at bay. Think revision is difficult now? Wait until you try to revise while you have an insane headache and a sore throat.

5. Don’t give up!
This is obvious, but don’t forget why you wanted to come to university in the first place. If you’ve forgotten think about how good you will feel when you eventually graduate and look back on your hard work. You don’t want to look back at your transcript and then wonder if you could have done better if you just worked harder do you?

Saying that, I am in no way an expert on revision but I thought I would share what has been working for me so far. These are not perfect and everyone works in their own way but I hope you will find something that will help you ease the tension of exam season a little bit. If not I was glad to be of assistance to your procrastination.

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