January 19, 2015, by Olivia

5 Ways to Stay Sane during Revision


Photo by Steven S. on Flickr.

Before I continue with this post I just want to clarify that this is not a post on how to revise effectively, this is just advice on how not to lose your mind while in revision mode. Who knows how many times I was on the verge of giving up on revision and saying things like “I’m done, I can’t do this anymore.” or “I don’t care, I’ll just fail this exam!”.

So here are some of the things I do just to get me through revision and I thought I would share them with you in case you might find them useful.

1. Have Snacks (lots of them)

This is an obvious one and most exam advice posts will tell you to eat only healthy snacks. I say enough of that. Eat those crisps or that chocolate, just maybe do it in moderation or you will start to feel sick. This is probably bad advice but healthy snacks just don’t cut it in desperate times like these and you’ll be wanting to munch on more later on anyway. So save yourself the trouble and indulge, just remember to do it in moderation.

2. Study with a friend

Day 29: Studies

Photo by S. LePup on Flickr

This one is an unusual yet important one. Studying with a friend will motivate you to keep going and having someone to chat to doesn’t hurt either! I recommend studying with someone who is on a different course as you can motivate each other without stressing each other out. I’m on a course with a lot of very clever people and they intimidate me. Sure there are a lot of nice people who will be willing to help out but I hate hearing that dreaded question of “Have you studied for the _____ module? I only went over it twice and I don’t remember anything!”. Then here I am only halfway through the revision of that module. So as much as I enjoy the company of my course mates, I find it best to avoid them at all costs during exam season.

3. Drink lots of fluids (not just coffee!)

We are all guilty of this, drinking cup after cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer) for sustenance to pull through those late night cram sessions, or worse that energy drink to get you through an all-nighter. As great as coffee is it does not keep your body hydrated and when you are dehydrated you will feel even more tired. So the next time you’re reaching for that shot of espresso or cup of tea try a glass of water instead! Plus with all the water you are drinking you involuntarily have to get out of your seat for a wee. See? You are more productive already and your legs get to have a little stretch.

4. Wear comfortable clothing

Me this past week. Comic by rubyetc on Tumblr.

For me comfortable clothing = pyjamas. Sorry this doesn’t really help you if you’re going to the library to revise, unless you plan on going to Hallward in your pyjamas or onesie in which case, I am impressed! I have just been studying at home so for me it has got to the point where I am always in my pyjamas. I have been alternating between my day and night pyjamas. I only put on proper clothes when I have to sit for my exam.

5. Express your feelings

Also if you are feeling stressed and this is all getting too much for you, I highly recommend talking to someone about it. It could be a close friend, your parents, a counsellor or some people find writing down their feelings in journals cathartic. For example, coming up with this blog post to share with all of you has helped me ease my worries just a little bit.

Sorry I had to source most of my pictures from Flickr this time, I just haven’t had the time or patience to take pictures of my own. I will sign off for now, good luck with your remaining exams!

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