May 5, 2015, by Tilly Potter

I did it my way

This week I’m hoping to ease your exam anxieties by telling you what I’ve learned about revising now I’m a… err… wise and mature final year. The key message – do things your way!

Revise WHEN you want

I was talking to a friend of mine recently who’s a lark (someone who gets up early). She stated she’s up and revising at 6am! As a definite night owl (someone who certainly doesn’t get up early), this strange concept shocked me and caused me to think ‘oh no, I’m lazy! People are being productive while I’m still tucked up in bed.’ But have no fear. Everyone is different in terms of their peak hours for productivity. For me, this can quite often be around 10pm, when many people might have long given up on revising for the day. So don’t worry you’re not doing enough just because you’re revising at different times to your friends. The only word of warning for this is making sure you’re refreshed for your exams. So even if you’re a night owl like me, try to get to bed earlier the night before a 9am exam!

Me over exams

Me over exams

Revise WHERE you want

Although I’m currently in my room, it’s not always the best place for me to revise. One of my favourite spots is finding a coffee shop (or Hallward cafe) and lurking in there for a couple of hours to get some work done. I find being around other people more comforting and strangely I become more focused with a bit of background noise. Of course, other people may prefer somewhere silent. So do whatever’s best for you!

Perfect revision accompaniment

Perfect revision accompaniment

Revise HOW you want

It’s good to mix things up, but everyone has different preferred revision techniques. Whether it’s old-fashioned pen and paper notes, or making diagrams while listening to a lecture recording, if you have a method that works it’s probably best to stick to it, rather than spend ages organising materials when you could be learning things.

Keeping things pen and paper

Keeping things pen and paper

Don’t give yourself extra stuff to do

You’re having to discipline yourself enough over revision period so don’t try and have too many other goals in the way. Although it’s good to take breaks, it’s probably not the best time to implement a new exercise regime, find a job or take up a new hobby. You might end up becoming more focused on that than your revision!

Accept bad days, and move on

Sometimes those days come around where you feel constantly tired, can’t focus or just have to get out and chill for a bit. Don’t get annoyed with yourself on those days. If you’re feeling stressed, it’s sometimes better to take some time out than try and force yourself to revise for hours on end without a break.

Having a nap might be good if you're stressed

Having a nap might be good if you’re stressed

Finally, listen to Frank’s message:

I hope that helps you feel a bit more confident and good luck with your revision! 🙂 If you’re feeling stressed, have a look at the Nottingham Nightline page which can be found here.

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