April 15, 2015, by Jennifer Scott

Hallward vs. Home

The Easter egg chocolate has dwindled away, sunny days are being spent indoors and I’m all out of ways to avoid the dreaded coursework that needs to be done. As a final form of procrastination, I’m weighing up working in the library versus working at home today!



No one will ask you to watch their laptop! Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked to watch someone’s mega pricey Macbook while trying to tackle a stack of library books? Yep, that shouldn’t happen at home!

Coffee is cheap, with no Starbucks and no need to queue for a cuppa. Just a humble kettle and your choice of budget beverage!

Bearable temperatures. Sitting in the oven that is Hallward Library isn’t always the most enjoyable experience, especially when you know that the weather’s nice outside.

No travel time. If you’re not living in halls, that travel time could be spent doing more work. Or getting a bit of extra sleep!


The library

Less distractions! There are only so many times you can grab a coffee to avoid doing work whilst in the library, so I tend to avoid the excuses and actually get work done.

Feeling a tad more hard working. Anyone else feel like they’ve worked harder when in the library just because, you know, it’s the library? Surely it’s not just me!

Actual access to books. No need to search for ebooks when you can just head upstairs! (Although, at this time of year, all the best books do tend to be taken)

Quiet zones – perfect for avoiding noisy flatmates and sneaky naps if you’re pulling an all-nighter.


Where’s your favourite place to revise? I tend to flick between both uni and home but admittedly probably get more done on campus. The kettle and fridge prove too tempting at home!

If you’re struggling to keep on top of coursework and need someone to chat to, don’t forget about Nightline.

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