April 10, 2015, by Tilly Potter

Hello from Cornwall!

This last week I have been in Cornwall, in order to have a bit of a break before revision for summer exams seriously gets underway (sigh). To deserve the time off, I mainly spent the first week of the holidays finishing off and editing the first complete draft of my dissertation. As that’s not very interesting, I’m going to share some pictures and things I’ve done over the last few days instead!

My family are regular visitors to the south of Cornwall, as we really love the scenery, the (generally) nice weather, and of course the Cornish pasties. The town we were staying in had a picturesque harbour and beach, as well as lots of great eateries.

Cornish harbour

Cornish harbour

A cloudier beach day

A cloudier beach day

We went on several coastal walks in an attempt to burn off the pasties and take some pictures. We ended up being really lucky with the weather with no rain! Who knew a holiday in the UK could be so good.

IMG_0904[1] IMG_0903[1] IMG_0907[1]


When the weather was particularly nice, we visited some other local beaches for a spot of sunbathing. Unfortunately I managed to get sunburnt, as I hadn’t anticipated that I’d need sun cream! I was jealous of my dad’s ability to tan – I’ve clearly not inherited those genes!


Of course, I can’t forget the fact that it was Easter, which included plenty of treats!

IMG_0919[1] IMG_0901[1]

It was also my Dad’s birthday while we were away, so we went out for a meal which involved a delicious veggie meal (for me, anyway). I wish I could take the restaurant back up to Nottingham with me, although it would probably make me pretty poor…

IMG_0937[1] IMG_0935[1]


Finally, the trip was rounded off with some brilliant sunsets which we could view from our sitting room!

IMG_0921[1] IMG_0942[2]


Although I’m sad to leave, I feel much refreshed after my holiday and the prospect of revision doesn’t seem as bad now! I will look back on the last week fondly over the next couple of months, which will hopefully help to de-stress me too.

I hope everyone else had a lovely Easter too!

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