November 28, 2014, by Gemma Coleman

5 things that would never happen at home

Pity me. It’s been a stressful few weeks. Coursework deadlines, job interviews (to anyone who read my blog last week, I got the Student Ambassador job! Back of the net) and my fave, cleaning out the fridge. And then, just when I was at breaking point, it hit me. I hadn’t had a roast dinner in over two months. I had been pushed over the edge, which could only mean one thing: time to go home!


So. Much. Meat. It's bulking season.

So. Much. Meat. It’s bulking season.

During my flying visit back to good ol’ P town (that’s Preston for those not in the loop), I rediscovered what it meant to live in a non-student house and, so, here’s a list of 5 things that would never happen at home:


  1. “That bicycle should DEFINITELY go in the lounge”- we’re too cheap to buy a TV licence and too scared to have a TV without one. So what does all our furniture point towards then? My bike, obviously. It makes for a stunning centrepiece to any new home.
Basically a show-house.

Basically a show-house.


  1. “Let there be (no) light”- The bulbs in our kitchen blew three weeks ago. No one has found the correct bulbs (correction: can be bothered to find the correct bulbs) thus far, which means we cook under the light of an old desk lamp. I like to think it’s because we’re just so damn edgy.



  1. “Let’s just not have the heating on this week”- Hat? Check. Scarf? Check. Can see your own breath? Check. For me, going home means having a scandalous affair with the radiators.

    It's getting hot in here.

    It’s getting hot in here.


  1. “Spaghetti Bolognaise? Again?”- The trouble of cooking for one, and having the smallest freezer man can buy, means once you’ve bought the ingredients for one meal, you’re committed. Chicken curry it is for the rest of the week!



  1. Throwing back the curtains and taking in this breath-taking view:


Courtesy of Sarah

Courtesy of  my lovely housemate Sarah


Going home clearly has its perks, but before long, the withdrawal symptoms kick in. Get me back to Notts!

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