November 19, 2014, by Jennifer Scott

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Sometime in the last fortnight, the start of Christmas arrived. Monty the Penguin graced our tellies and sold out too quick for me to buy and Starbucks and Costa released their Christmas cups. (Costa totally beat Starbucks this year… snowmen are definitely more festive than red lines!)

Not one to miss any Christmas fun, I headed away from good old Nottingham and towards Derby to a cheeky Christmas market for mulled wine and present buying. And a little bit of testing free samples of wine and chocolate because, you know, you need to check they’ll make good gifts before buying them.

Derby Christmas Market

After browsing all the stalls, buying an unnecessary amount of baubles and plenty of presents, we stopped by the mulled wine stand. Mulled wine is one of those things that I really want to love, but just can’t seem to. Plus, I accidentally ordered mine extra-boozy so it tasted a bit more night-out than I was hoping! Still, it felt festive so I regret nothing. And it came in a cup that looks distinctly more festive than the aforementioned Starbucks ones!

The suspect mulled wine with extra alcohol!

The mulled wine in question…

Another sign Christmas is coming? I’ve started on the mince pies. Got to start early to ensure I’m as chubby as Santa come the 25th. Last Sunday was spent creating the first homemade mince pies of the year and a little nearer to Christmas I might just share my recipe, so keep an eye out for that!

Feeling jealous of my weekend? My festive knowledge stretches far enough to tell you that Winter Wonderland starts tomorrow in Nottingham. (A.K.A. Notts Christmas market, outdoor ice skating and an unsurprisingly cold bar.) Also, the same folk who hosted this market are hosting another, for those who fancy a trip out of town!

Are you embracing this early Christmas cheer or are you reluctant you join in the fun? (I’ll try to restrain from calling you The Grinch if it’s the latter…)

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