July 2, 2014, by Sarah

Travelling Light

So this is my penultimate post! The end is NIGHHHHHH

Which is a little dramatic but everything feels a bit crazy, I can’t believe it’s all coming to an end, or a new beginning I suppose.


I packed up my room/ house/ life and put it in a trailer on a very hot day – gruelling to say the least.


Dad to the rescue!



I only had a few things…

So my brother thought it would be funny to pose on my stuff, he is wearing shorts but my dad came up with the idea of rolling them up - and this was the result!

So my brother thought it would be funny to pose on my stuff, he is wearing shorts but my dad came up with the idea of rolling them up – and this was the result!


Ok I had twenty boxes, a freezer, a dining room table and a bathroom cabinet. But not the kitchen sink. What can I say? 4 years of a degree you do accumulate things. and I’m not exactly one for travelling light.


Since I have been home I have been doing a lot of unpacking, sorting and throwing stuff out. Because there isn’t space in my room for everything I have had to decide what I want to keep and what can be given to charity etc. It’s been like a massive game of tetris but everything is finally clear. Plus my massive Uni mattress topper on my home bed means bedtime is now reminiscent of a scene from the Princess and the Pea.




Whilst at home I have been also doing a few fun things.



Bringing the average age down

I saw my mum’s choir in concert:


Had my friend Marilyn to stay and went to a wedding:



Ok we didn’t wear these to the wedding, we went shopping and there was this charity shop that had wedding/prom/ formal dresses and we thought it would be funny to try some on! Especially as a lot of them were fabulously 80s. Marilyn and her lovely sister Sammy-Jo came to stay as Sammy-Jo was bridesmaid at a wedding in Bristol. We did plan to have a meal out but all our plans fell through thanks to restaurants failing at customer service so we ended up with takeaway pizza -_- – good job it only takes good company to make a mealtime fun!


I also made Pimm’s at home. And I really like fruit – so on the recipe where it said “plenty of fruit” this is what I did:


With mint from the garden :D

With mint from the garden 😀


Thug life. One of your five a day in every glass 🙂 I have also been meeting up with friends at the pub too and fitting back in to life in Bristol.


Recently I have also been doing crochet whilst having an extended Disney and 80s movie marathon  – so now my baby blanket is complete!


I started it when I was about 10 or 12 to make a baby blanket for a children’s charity, and now I can finally do it! But now I need a new project…


I also went to the cinema and saw this, well worth a watch:


Also this weekend I am seeing the Disney orchestra performing Pixar music at the Eden project 😀 😀 😀 Assuming it will be something like this:

They had a one-off concert at the Albert Hall a while back which sold out so when found out there was another concert in Cornwall I HAD TO GO. This also means I’m going down to Cornwall to see my extended family, staying with my Grandma. I can’t believe it was last summer I lived with her for my placement! Time flies. I am now a registered Dietitian, I can actually say I AM A DIETITIAN. Now I just need a job :O but I am enjoying having a bit of break first, I don’t know when I last did.

My last blog will be in a couple of weeks after graduation – so I’ll see you then 🙂

To infinity, and beyond!



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