June 5, 2014, by Ben Read

Dot To Dot Festival

I’ve been busy with exams over the past few weeks, which thankfully are finished now, so there’s a lot to catch up on. Dot To Dot festival is one of my favourite days of the year and the 25th May was no exception. With a fantastic line-up showcasing some of the best up and coming bands, the festival takes place in at least 10 venues across the City and is always a great day for music lovers.

My day started downstairs in Stealth watching the fantastic April Towers. This duo from Nottingham played to a packed room and really got the party started as people couldn’t resist an early afternoon shuffle, there were even a few fist pumps spotted!

April Towers

April Towers

Keep your eyes on these boys, they are going places – check them out here https://soundcloud.com/april_towers.

We then headed next door to the Rescue Rooms bar to watch several of my favourite acts coming out of Nottingham at the moment, including George Holroyd and Cheshire and the Cat. George’s insane guitar skills combined with his booming voice is really a show that needs to be seen. He was giving his guitar such a beating that his fingers were badly cut and bleeding by the end of his set. Nusic recently had George in for a session which you can watch here http://www.nusic.org.uk/wordpress/george-holroyd-howl-peru-future-session-62-93/.

Cheshire and the Cat

Cheshire and the Cat

Cheshire and the Cat then turned things up a notch up as they blasted the bar with their unique sound, which I am not eloquent enough to describe so go and listen for yourself here https://soundcloud.com/user8036931!

We then went on and saw many other great acts throughout the evening including We The Wild, who I cannot stop listening to – Body Electric is a tune https://soundcloud.com/wethewild !!

Great live music is set to continue this weekend in Nottingham with the inaugural No Tomorrow Festival taking over Wollaton Park on Saturday and a very special evening at the Chameleon Arts Cafe on Sunday. Under the Radar Festival is dedicated to showcasing Nottingham’s music talent and features some of the City’s brightest prospects including April Towers, Huskies, Cheshire and the Cat, Leah Sinead and George Holroyd. Tickets are only £3 with all processed going to charity – http://www.seetickets.com/event/urn-under-the-radar-festival-2014/the-chameleon/786647.

I wonder if you can guess what next week’s blog will be about?!

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