June 4, 2014, by Sarah

Guten Tag: a student holiday to Germany

Hallo! Sprecken zie English?


Bitte? Pretty bitte with cherries on top?


*awkward silence*


Ok so I’ve been on a post-exams trip to Germany. It was awesome. But people tend to assume I’m a local and I did 8 weeks of German 9 years ago. So obviously I’m fluent.

My German = rude words, random phrases and ‘oo oo, big summer blowout’


Due to photos being in the process of uploading photos I thought I’d just share a few fun moments- with a few more actual specific details about what we did next week 🙂


Germany Highlights!

Ordering 2 spaghetti eis (ice cream in the shape of spaghetti) with 3 spoons, and feeling like a German language boss…

…And ending up with three extra scoops of ice cream in random flavours. Turns out German for spoon is ‘Loffel’ not ‘Kugel’


IMG-20140530-00242 IMG-20140602-00271


Bonus! (I forgot to take my own picture, you get the idea)



Trying to understand the German ‘schwefel’ from a friend saying ‘demons smell like it and it is added to wine’. Turns out he was talking about sulphur. Then one of our group (who shall remain nameless) said ‘not related to sulphur…but I need the toilet.’

Cue us now pre-fixing any random phrase with ‘…not related to sulphur, BUT’.




Repeatedly getting lost, despite feeling sure we were going in the right direction. But the weather was lush so it didn’t matter. Who cares about heat rash and sun burn? *shifty eyes* In fairness, I was ok until the last day then the lobster surfaced.





Getting owned by a small child in some beer mat flipping game (whilst watching some German New Orleans style jazz sung in English, so meta) which is apparently all the rage in Germany. Then a group of Germans laughing at us attempting said game.



Accidentally calling a cheese ‘SchnitlauchKI-ZER’ (as in Wilhelm) as opposed to SchnitlauchKA-ZER. Awks considering a certain 100 year anniversary.

THIS "kase"

THIS “kase”

Not this "kaiser"

Not this – “kaiser”













Confusing modern art for a seat and sitting on it. I have never stood up so fast. ‘Well I’m sorry, I didn’t realise this bench on the edge of a room with a red jumper on was a symbol of mankind’s struggle with achieving peace/self-actualisation/purpose/a full Nando’s card…or something.”

berry cartoon modern art 110311


Seeing a gummi Arnold Schwarzenneger in the Haribo shop.


‘I’ll be blackcurrant’

Those gummis look like TWINS

Do they eat Haribo in Kindergarten (cop)?

Those gummis are so good they’re definitely not ‘expendable’




Anyway, it was lush and I want to be on holidays FOREVER!

Now back to Uni to sort my life out :O and also catch up on a 3 week revision induced TV backlog 🙂


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