March 26, 2014, by Sarah

Ups and Downs

A man goes to his Doctor to get the results from some tests.

Doctor: I’ve got some good news and some bad news

Patient: give me the good news first…

Doctor: well you’ll be proud to know we’re naming a new fatal disease after you!

That joke is courtesy of my Aunty- who texts me jokes most days 🙂


This week for me has also been full of good and bad. But I’ll start with the good:

This weekend it was Ben from the fungalow’s birthday! Therefore cue epic trip to Derby casino (lol).

We had nice drinks












Non alcoholic cocktails- nom

And obviously we all left as millionaires…

Yeah I didn’t gamble anything- so this is all I saw that night…story of my life


Now I don’t particularly agree with gambling for myself (except 2p machines – they are fun) so this was my first time in a casino. However I did really enjoy the evening because the casino was not too hot or noisy (like a club) and it was comfortable so you can actually talk with people- which is much more my thing than going ‘out.’ Also it was crazy just to watch the amounts people can win or lose in a matter of seconds, and the amount people risk. I’d never seen that before so watching blackjack was eye opening!

So we went to the casino then a Wetherspoon’s and then probably about 01:15 we thought we’d head back.
Bearing in mind I normally go to bed about 21:00 this was like the twilight zone. Incidentally I ordered coffee in Wetherspoons about midnight and the waitress looked so angry! Sometimes I think if I liked alcohol/was a more ‘typical’ student then things would easier.

The baaut fungalow. Minus the awesome Ben, we definitely need a complete group photo at some point!

The beaut fungalow. Minus the awesome Ben, we definitely need a complete group photo at some point!


So then we walked to the carpark and couldn’t find the car. Cue panic. We thought we’d left the car on the top floor and this was the only floor not open 24 hours. We searched and we searched. 40 minutes later…

…Wait a second?! This is the wrong carpark!

Classic. What a relief!

So we walked to the other car park and drove home. Via Mcdonalds. Early morning chicken and chips, another first.

And bed at 03:15 felt AMAZING.

We then played settlers of catan Saturday afternoon and I did work for the rest of the weekend.

Except when I did what may be one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life:


Ta Dah!

Yes these are Mickey mouse waffles. I know right?! I am subscribed to Disney Cakes and Sweets magazine and the waffle iron is a long anticipated free gift. I was positively giddy making them- jumping around excitedly. So. Good.

The bad news is that I had a personal tragedy this weekend. So that’s hard. I’m trying to keep busy (which isn’t hard to do at the moment) to fill my brain so I don’t think about it. This may not be the best way of coping but it’s getting me through. That and God. And when you’re experiencing a lot of ups and downs- God’s great to turn to.

I hope everyone is having a good week!

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