March 24, 2014, by Olivia

5 Reasons I Love My Job

I’m sure you’ve seen them running around on campus the past few Wednesdays and ocasionally Saturdays in fluorescent green t-shirts and smiling faces. I am one of these people and I love my job. I am a student ambassador for the university. What that means is that I get to help out the university’s marketing & recruitment team during the UCAS visit days as well as the campus-wide open days. We also get to join in on other events such as Widening Participation events where we assist in school and college visits.

Now, on to the good bit, why I love this job!

Me on the job, providing some directions.

Me on the job, providing some directions.

1. Flexible hours

University students are busy, some busier than others. *cough* pharmacy *cough* That’s why it is so important that I have a job I could work around my course timetable. Being a student ambassador means you can work as many hours or as few hours as you want. Got a lecture from 10am to 11am? No problem!

2. Variety

Although your role is a student ambassador, you can be assigned to different tasks each time. Not to mention that you get to meet so many new students and their parents who may be from different backgrounds. You also never know the questions you may be asked so it’s definitely a job that keeps you on your toes! Literally (kinda)! Have you ever done two campus tours back to back each lasting an hour? Fun but exhausting!

student ambassador on tour

One of the things I get to do at work; campus tours!

3. Meeting new people

When I say you get to meet new people I don’t just mean the prospective students and their parents but also members of the team. There are so many other student ambassadors working during these events who you’re bound to see time and time again. Everyone is friendly (as per the job description) so you will definitely make some fast friends!

4. Pocket-money

Who says being a student means you only spend money? Having a part-time job means that bank balance goes up instead of just down, or for a shopaholic like me, it keeps the balance from dipping too low. Pay day at the end of each month is a glorious day indeed. Also, it is quite nice to be shopping for mum and dad for a change.

5. Bulk up that résumé

Now let’s not forget that we are university students here to get a degree. However, employers value much more than academic achievements when looking at candidates. This is just a small way you can improve your employability. Communication skills, problem-solving, team-work? Check, check and check!

I hope you have a great week ahead.

Also, all my prayers and deepest condolences to any of you who had friends or family on board the lost Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.


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