March 7, 2014, by Eve

Excess of Thought

It is assessment time again. It comes in waves – you can see it coming but never know how powerful it’ll be when it hits. Well, it’s third year and the assessment wave is pretty darn powerful. My eyes have already started going flat and fuzzy from staring at my computer screen; I can’t decide if my brain has turned to mushy cheese (possibly goat’s cheese) or a swirling soup of muddled ideas. Perhaps the latter.

chickeBut one of the fascinating curiosities of focusing on assessments all day long is the bizarre ideas or musing the mind lands on – anything to stop thinking about the thing you’re meant to think about. I will now offer a collection of these odd crazinessies or, one might call them, these excesses of thought:

  • In the future will we be able to put our hands inside our computer screens? Not just touch screens but grab screens…
  • My fingers are bent… maybe they were broken when I was younger… would I have to break them to make them straight?
  • What does bleeding really mean? As in – the Victorian medical method of bleeding.
  • Are Hermione and Ron really right together?
  • Do I go to the toilet too much? I swear I only just went 5 minutes ago… oh no, it was 2 hours ago!
  • Time is such a funny thing. Did we have time before we had clocks?


  • The egg must have come before the chicken because the egg didn’t have to have grown from the chicken it could have evolved from a stone or something or another animal’s egg. Maybe a snakes. So it went snake – egg – chicken. Maybe the chicken is a mutant snake! Do snakes even have eggs…?


  • There’s David Attenborough and Richard Attenborough… which is which?


  • Why is the name Hilary now female? People used to call men Hilary. It’s not a particularly feminine name anyway… maybe I should revive its male usage.


  • Words are weird. I think I only know about 10% of words. They are so many to learn! Not to mention words in other languages. How often are new words created?

Well they you have it; a small but substantial view into the restless mind of a student going through their hardest assessment period yet. Maybe this blog has helped reassure others that excessive peculiarities of thought are nothing to be ashamed of. But, and this is the more probable result, it may also have made people realise just how crazy certain students are. Namely me.

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