March 5, 2014, by Sarah

The era of less significant birthdays

So I was 22 on Sunday.


Post- 21…does anyone care? lol

Well the best present was my family coming up (minus brother who was working, but we spoke on the phone). He got me some chocolate and more frozen stickers:

(Mental) Age appropriate

(Mental) Age appropriate

I also got settlers of catan- an epic board game. We played it and I lost- standard birthday times. Although I handled it well. When I was about 7 I got mousetrap for my birthday, we played, I lost then I never played it again for literally years.


Also got some lovely tulips, 3kg mixed dried fruit (lol), a few other bits and bobs and some money. I am thinking of buying a memory foam mattress topper (4inches, which is practically an entire mattress, for £50 on amazon/ebay!) although then I may never leave bed again. I’ll be conducting research on whether bed can ever be too comfortable. I think not.


Dried fruit: thug lyfe

Dried fruit: thug lyfe


Birthday girl

We were going to go to a restaurant but my mum was ill – sad times- so had steak and trimmings at mine in stead.

Low calorie

Low calorie

Also combined effort birthday cake (I made creme patissiere and chocolate ganache, dad made sponge and brought raspberries) nom.








We will go to a restaurant when I’m home which is great because then my brother can come 🙂

Saturday was also a fun day. I saw some friends who have graduated before they went on their skiing trip. Not jealous of holidays whatsoever. Not even a bit. At all.

Methinks she doth protest too much?

It was also the Christian Union takeaway and testimony event- lots of food and lots of fun 🙂

Loads of pizza

Loads of pizza


My contribution of an amaretti cake

My contribution of an amaretti cake

It was nice to do more on the weekend as I have a limited social life in the week due to hospital placement. I can’t believe I’m now halfway through!

I can’t wait to be a Dietitian- and wish I could bypass all the current incompetence malarchy. It’s like seeing olympic gymnasts moving and jumping and bending so perfectly, so effortlessly and winning gold. You don’t see all the mistakes and trips and pain they’ve been through to get there. You just want to jump up and be like them, at their polished end point. Not go through all the hard stuff.

But it’s worth it.

Also at least being a Dietitian this shouldn’t happen to me:

I hope everyone is having a lovely week!


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