February 17, 2014, by Olivia

The Food Diaries (Part II)

I think I had a little too much fun last week with all the celebrations going on..

It was my friend’s birthday on Monday, then my flatmate’s birthday on Tuesday and then Valentine’s Day on Friday. There was some drinking involved, but the worst BEST part of it was all the food. Mostly dessert. There were brownies, a carrot cake, a chocolate mousse cake, a chocolate cake, lemon meringue pie and apple crumble. All of this in one week!

On Valentine’s Day, I decided to host a pot-luck party at my place. If you don’t know what a pot-luck is, it is when guests bring their own dish to share with other guests. As the hosts, my good friend Farah (a.k.a the iron chef)  and I made it from scratch! Yes you read that correctly from scratch, an extremely bold feat when neither of us had made it before. Things were going well until I made the lemon curd too soon and we had no pie crust to put the curd in. Oops. Thankfully it all worked out in the end. I have kindly uploaded pictures of our beautiful child creation for you to enjoy.

Photo 14-02-2014 21 06 57

Probably the proudest moment in my life. Honestly. Look at that meringue though.

Photo 15-02-2014 13 08 45

The very last slice. The pie was a hit with our friends!

We were beaming like proud parents when we saw the pie come out. Even until now the two can’t believe we pulled off baking a lemon meringue pie (our favourite dessert).

Farah and I beaming with pride. :) Thanks Abigail for the picture!

Farah and I beaming with pride. 🙂 Thanks Abigail for the picture!

I am still in such a good mood from this pie that the terrible cold and cough I currently have is not going to bring me down. Also I have the magical lemsip on my side so that might be helping too..

Photo 17-02-2014 01 33 08

My current life savers, chamomile tea and lemsip..


If you missed my first food diary post you can check it out here! Hope you all have a lovely week ahead and don’t catch a cold.




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