January 15, 2014, by Sarah

“Doctor! Doctor! I’m writing a dissertation”…”Pull yourself together then”

There once was a girl called Sarah

Who felt like she was going spare-ah

She had work to do,

But found ways to pull through,

And then she thought she might share-ah


Things that help me when I have lots of work:

  1. Disney
  2. Being silly
  3. Cake/ pomegranate(s) / foods I love
  4. Wearing purple (see photos)
  5. Creativity (see blog)
  6. Writing bad puns (is there such thing as a good pun?!) e.g. writing puns on an internet diary thing? Even Joe BLOGgs could do that! Oh well better not stew(dent) in this, I have a LIFE to live…
  7. Writing daft poetry (see above)


Example of point number 1:

I have been replaying this alot.

With a smile and a song
Life is just a bright sunny day
Your cares fade away
And your heart is young

It’s been keeping me sane/insane, depending on how you look at it, whilst wading through this work quagmire.  Plus “REMEMBER YOU’RE THE ONE, WHO CAN FILL THE WORLD WITH SUNSHINE” – is amusingly menacing.

Point number 2, silliness gets me through:

silly walks

Pretending to work for the ministry of silly walks



Being paralytic with laughter at friend's silly walk

Being paralytic with laughter at friend’s silly walk


If you’re not sure of the reference, procrastinate now, I dare you:

Also silly bonus:

Me being a statue

Me being a statue


Point number three:

cornwall cake

And the bake off is back for Sport relief! Woop! Television cake and actual cake in my life – winner.

The pictures are from my Cornwall dissertation holiday by the way. If you’re confused, it’s a holiday in Cornwall where you do your dissertation, or see my blog from last week.

There isn’t much drama in my life at the moment, unless you include drama involving word counts and Harvard referencing, but the most dramatic thing that has happened recently is something to do with NHS Bursaries.

If you aren’t on an NHS course, you probably won’t have heard of them and please henceforth see yourselves like my Grandma who slept through an incendiary bomb spitting fire in her bedroom when she was little, whilst sleeping in the basement. She was gutted to have missed the “fun” but escaped something bad. (On a side note, she kept the incendiary bomb metal thing. My family…seriously.)

The perfect family memento

The perfect family memento

You may think it is ridiculous, likening an NHS finance system to a WWII incendiary bomb, but they are so. so. so. bad. They recently made an admin error whereby they got our term dates wrong (by a couple of months) and I now appear to be entitled to four additional pence, for the rest of the year, as opposed to several hundred pounds. Most people on my course have had epic problems with them, and it caused me to rant on facebook, because of course that’s the most appropriate forum.


But people have liked it. And that’s how you measure if life is shiny. Right?

Also I have facebook on pirate. Don’t judge me.

Ugh I’m not sure how I feel about facebook any more, especially seeing photos of finished dissertations! So. Jealous. But I’ll probably do it as well, oh the hypocrisy of social media…

Well next week I might be more sane, hope everyone is getting through the exams/coursework/stuff they need to do 🙂

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