January 8, 2014, by Sarah

Define holiday…

Happy New Year everyone!


It has been two weeks since my last blog, as we have had Christmas and New Year on the Wednesdays in between, and the holiday has been MANIC. Christmas is always so busy I find, seeing family and friends and all the cooking and work that has to fit in somewhere…


I did do a lot of baking though ­čÖé


Christmas pudding triple chocolate cookies


Shortbread snowflakes and gingerbread trees


Hand cramp




About 120 biscuits (not just for me!) and a large celebration cake in two days. Hand cramp from 5 hours of piping is not fun though…

Also the gingerbread hula lady was a joke with my cousins, that isn’t standard festive fare.


I also went to Turtle Bay carribean restaurant – YUM! Such good food!!!!

photo 1IMG-20140103-00003photo 2

So I have had a lovely busy time, and now have miffy slippers….winner, but sadly my poor friend “University Work” got somewhat neglected. However, I had booked a ‘holiday’ in Cornwall for us (yay timeshare spare week, 50″ TV) to spend some quality time.

Neglected and abandoned: University work

Neglected and abandoned: University work

The equation is:


friends + food + University work + new surroundings + isolation/ closed shops + winter weather

= productivity and fun


Actually it has turned into :

friends + food + food + more food + even more food + University work + new surroundings+  isolation/ closed shops + BAD weather

= productivity, fun and mania


We bought lots of reduced Christmas food. The dangers of shopping when hungry!

We have SO MUCH cheese and biscuits and yummy-ness.

We’ve also been on the ‘special’ hot chocolate (flavoured imitation Bailey’s in it – woop Aldi reduced ┬ásection!)




I have actually got lots done, but there still seems so much to do. But breaks are important, to remind yourself you are a living person not a work machine. If you don’t have breaks this will happen:



It’s not worth it.

In stead just listen to this, and dance if you want to:


Have a productive and happy week!

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