November 25, 2013, by Olivia

Busy busy busy!

I’ve finally had a little down time after a crazy busy for two weeks. I had a test, my sister came to visit, lunch with my host family, an interview and placements. Thankfully I had the Friday off to collect myself before the cycle repeated itself! At least I only have three weeks left before Christmas break.

It all started when I was in my last week of my second module for the autumn semester with a test looming at the end of the week. A 45 minute test nevertheless, but 3 weeks worth of material to study for. That same day, my sister came up from Loughborough and we spent the entire afternoon shopping which was exhausting but worth it. Then on Sunday when she left it was lunch with my host family. A host family is something international students get to sign up for where the program places you with a family in Nottingham whom you get to meet up with and have meals and generally just be in good company. I’m so glad I signed up for it as the family and the group I’m with is so lovely. I definitely recommend it!

Host Family

My host family and friends

After a packed but fun weekend it was on to my placement week. This year I was very fortunate to be assigned to Boots pharmacy in Riverside Retail Park. It’s a massive Boots, almost the size of the one in Victoria centre. I managed to learn a lot from my short time on placement. I was in constant amazement at how knowledgable the pharmacist was and also their stamina to pull through the day without taking a seat. Another important thing I learned was the answer to this question: “Do I have to know/study this?”. I now know the answer is and always will be: “Yes silly girl, yes you do. Pharmacists need to know/are expected to know EVERYTHING.”

Oh I almost forgot, the interview was for potential student helpers. I thought I tanked the interview on Monday, imagine my surprise when I get an email the next day saying I’ve been offered a job! So you may spot me on campus soon in a bright green t-shirt!

Hope you have a fantastic week ahead and fingers crossed that the weather holds up. I’m not quite ready for snow yet!

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