November 20, 2013, by Sarah

What are you afraid of?

When I was little, fears were powerful, and somewhat ridiculous.

I was scared of this:

Masked Celtic warriors of rival tribes, dancing eachother to death in the sinister world of gang warfare, Michael Flatley and Riverdance. Irish history – what could inspire more fear?

I was also scared of this guy:

cookie monster


…Well he did eat very aggressively

Her: maleficent

On a side note…you guys seen this?

Not sure how I feel about it.

Also Miss Minchin from A Little Princess (most. emotional. film. ever.) who is pretty much the Maleficent of the American WW1 world.

Fear is pretty powerful when you’re young.

And now, come to think of it.

We had a lecture recently where the lecturer had been to a conference about using fear in a consultation: so patients realise the severity of their condition and what not making dietary changes might mean for their health. Then you provide reassurance that changes will work and will help – and the slight fear acts a motivator.


Well I can see it has its place, but I think you would need to be very careful. I mean, NHS practitioners have an obligation to make sure all patients are fully informed about conditions and treatment – and in some cases that make cause fear enough, unfortunately.

As a student my fears are just as real-feeling as when I was a kid, but maybe a bit more realistic.


Student Fears:

1. Debt


Living is expensive. Especially when you’re not earning. I really hate the idea of debt, although it’s unavoidable and Uni is worth it, which is why I’m a slave to market research. Surveys, nectar points for adverts, focus groups, webcam watching an advert to see facial response, sensory tests, writing reviews for points – you name it, I’ve done it.

Which is why I now have this in my room:


Just in case you didn’t know, this is a scanner provided by a market research company, so now I’ll be scanning the barcodes of everything I buy, for points.

And points mean….prizes. Actually really really awesome stuff like theatre breaks to London, and bean-to-cup coffee machines….I’ll only be scanning for a few years to get my hands on one.



2.  Failure.


Enough said.

I think however consistently you pass things, or however well you do, there’s a niggling doubt that it won’t be enough and you won’t get the degree/mark/job you want. Well there is for me anyway.


3.  Change.

Uni is new, then it gets familiar, then it’s going to be all change again. What will the change lead to? :O



However, I think back to other times I had these fears, and generally things have worked out ok.

For me, I feel God got me through. How does everyone else cope with fear?

I hope everyone is having a fearless week!

…speaking of fearless…seen this?


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