November 13, 2013, by Sarah

13 emotional states of University


The time of your life.

Or rather, a time in your life.

I find that dictating how you’re “meant” to feel about something is never really helpful. We feel how we feel, then we have to recognise it and handle it and manage it. A typical example is Fresher’s week – it’s so hyped up and many are convinced they have to have to best. time. evarrrr. Or they’re not doing it right.

youre doing it wrong


When actually not acknowledging your own feelings is like saying they don’t matter, when they do. And when you are feeling not so good about something, feeling like that’s the “wrong” way to feel makes things worse, I think.

making it worse

Making it worse


Which is why I present to you, in no particular order… *drum roll*


The 12 emotional states of University

*kermit flail* Yaaaaayyyy!


1. Trepidation. New place, new course, new life – what does this brave new world have to offer? trepidation


2. Euphoria. A piece of work submitted, a great new friend, new hobby, starting to feel like you belong.

3. Despair. Everything is so hard, will I get to where I want to be? Am I capable? Can I fight any longer? 

sad dog


4. Relief. A lecturer explains something well, you realise coursemates are also finding things tricky, you’re not alone.

Phew....I found it

Phew….I found it


5. Avoidance. Coursework? What Coursework?



6. Reluctance. “But I don’t WANT TO”

7. Acceptance. Facing what you fear, even if the odds aren’t in your favour.

you shall not pass


8. Confusion. What am I doing here? Is this where I’m meant to be? Which room is that lecture in again?



9. Mania. idfbsoidnw\eifvowbsidlnx\cavbf caffeine fbodufvbeodfdaspdofbvwf deadline efbowgvbwoidna no sleep

No I'm fine, honestly, I swear,

No I’m fine, honestly,


10. Enjoyment. Hey, maybe things aren’t so bad. I’m starting to feel like I’m learning something, thinking differently, feeling differently, growing a bit. 

happy seal


11. Belonging. I’m part of this – it’s sometimes good, and sometimes bad…but I can learn and develop and I’m involved.



12. Progression. Hey…I’m not the same 18 year old, fresh from A levels, when did that happen?


13. Upheaval. Graduation – say what?



Now I think University is a mix of all these things, and more no doubt, and everyone will have a different balance. Which is fine. Any suggestions for what I’ve missed?

I have been flitting about most of these phases this week what with work and all. *Rocks back and forth”

But it’s fine “gets in foetal position”

No really, fourth year is manageable ” wipes Ben and Jerry’s from face”

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying using * writing these blogs 🙂

However I did go for a lush walk to Bradgate park with International students. Seriously, get to know some International students – it’s so interesting to find out about other cultures and meet some truly lovely people. I also saw this absolute babe:




S0 it’s nice to get out of the Uni bubble for a bit 🙂

Have a lovely week everyone!

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