November 9, 2013, by Eve

Nine Signs of Essay Mania

There has already been a couple of blogs concerning essays, coursework, that-nibbling-feeling-of-guilt-in-the-back-of-your-mind-when-you’re-watching-TV (whatever you want to call it) but I really couldn’t not write on it – it has, for the last week at least, taken over my life! Now, why nine sings, you might well ask, why not ten, a good round numbered ten? Well, the truth is, I gave myself a 10%


NUMBER ONE: You suddenly realise now would be a great time to tidy your room. Maybe just put some washing on. Do a spot of hovering. Colour code your clothes.

NUMBER TWO: You start becoming very close to various items of clothing. For me, it was a pair of thick socks. They just ticked all the boxes: warm, comfy, go on feet. And I ended up wearing them… um… for the whole week. They’re now in the wash. I promise.

NUMBER THREE: Food becomes another chore to deal with. You’ve spent half an hour deciding what to do for lunch, sit down at the laptop and before you know it, it’s time to decide what to eat again.

NUMBER FOUR: Your day becomes oddly skewed to working time. This depends whether you’re an early worker or a later worker. As an early worker, my day is skewed forwards – wake up early and early to bed.

NUMBER FIVE: You remember all those really amazing, enterprising things you were going to do: send a letter to the Primhorromoviee Minister; write a ground-braking blog about essay mania; apply for University Challenge; write the next Man Booker Prize winning novel; re-work your CV…

NUMBER SIX: The most frequent soundtrack of an intense working day is the boiling kettle. Tune!

NUMBER SEVEN: You have very serious debates with housemates along the lines of ‘single quotation maker vs two quotation makers?” and ‘do you put the volume number or the issue number first?!’

NUMBER EIGHT: You’ll check facebook. Nothing interesting. Go back to work and 2 minutes later have a sneaking suspicion that something very important has probably come up – you’d better check just in case. It might help with the essay…

NUMBER NINE: Going to Sainsbury’s in an incredible venture into the exciting world of The Outside. Actually, maybe this is also a sign of dangerously malignant cabin-fever.


Finally, I apologise for the lateness of this blog. I’ve been suffering from all of the above.   There is only one cure for essay-mania – finishing the bloody thing! And Ryan Gosling movies, of course.

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