October 18, 2013, by Eve

The Great British Bake Off Final(ly)

Today’s blog concerns an essential goody of the student’s well-rounded diet. It is the perfect pastime for a tea-cupped night in. A wholesome source of pure, filmic entertainment – it combines the tension of a Thriller, the mystery of an Adventure, and the sadness and joy of a Romantic Comedy. It’s the Great British Bake-Off.


Who couldn’t love a show which involves enough bun-puns to fill an oven with and a field of highly flummoxed looking sheep? On a side note: I’d like to know if the sheep are being paid for their contribution to the programme. They certainly take up about 20% of screen time per episode. If this is a case of cheap sheep labour I advise them to call BAH– the Bemused Animal Helpline.

But enough of that!

Next Tuesday is the Bake-Off Final – who will be crowned Bake-Off Queen? Who’s dreams, I venture to ask, will rise and who’s will sink to the soggy bottom? They’ll need to prove they have the ingrediance of a super-baker without getting into a mix.

For any of these candidates, winning the Bake-Off really would be the cherry on the top of an amazing experience: creating amazingly yummy recipes, growing in their baking ability and being judged by the wonderfully British Mary and Paul.

Little confession here – I think Paul is actually rather a fox… no one else? Ok I’ll just move on…

bake off 1

Actually (a less embarrassing point here), has anyone noticed how the editing team are trying to make it look like Paul fancies Ruby? Every time Paul looks around they cut to Ruby, usually pulling one of her weirdly elastic expressions. Coincidence? I think not!

Bit of filming analysis there for you. #shaksfilm!

So, quit beating about the bush (or, maybe it’s more appropriate to say bowl) and say who you want to win!

Well, the person I want to win is Frances. Controversial, I know. No obsessive Ruby-love here, there’s Ruby appreciation but mostly it’s love for the fantastical Frances. My reasons:

1. She is a baking whiz! She’s so inventive and creative in her bakes and that’s what we need from a Bake-Off winner. Paul keeps going on about style vs substance but who says substance can’t be stylish. Eh, Paul?


2. Every time they show what she’s doing it just makes you go ‘mmm’ no matter how far along with it she is.

3. If I was on Bake-Off (if I was a good enough baker) I would be most like Frances – I love decorating mini cupcakes and, as you can see from my first blog, designing foodish animals is so much fun!

I know Ruby has got star baker three times so that could mean she’ll win. And, from the first episode, I always thought Kimberly would win, because she’s so consistent. But I think it would be lovely if Frances wins.

Now, the final episode will consist of baking a picnic pie, 12 perfect pretzels and one show-stopping Wedding Cake.

Indulge me, a little more, while I splurge out a couple of show-stopping puns I hope to hear in the upcoming episode. Firstly, I’d like to give a special thanks to my lovely housemate for helping me.pie

The Signature Bake: Ladies, be warned, this task is no picnic.

The Technical: Let’s hope you don’t get into a twist.

The Show-Stopper: Who will be enjoying wedding bliss and who will break down in tiers?

Ok. That’s enough! Now I’m just taking the biscuit!

Come on Frances, if you nail your final three bakes and win it’ll be the icing on the cake to a fantastic series!

My cupcakes are blueberry, banana, chocolate, peanutbutter, lemon and vanilla.

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