October 7, 2013, by Olivia

Greetings & Goose Fair

Hi there! My name is Olivia and I am from Malaysia. You may recognize me if you’ve been reading the university’s fresher blog; “A Fresh Start”.

I am in my second year of Pharmacy. Some things I like include cupcakes and traveling. Things I dislike are 9 to 5 lecture days and fire alarms. I hope to entertain you with my ups (and downs) of being an international and pharmacy student. So read on!

Like many of you, this weekend I headed down to the Forest Recreation Grounds to check out the Goose Fair. There aren’t any actually geese running around but I’ve heard it was named after large amounts of geese were driven into Nottingham to from Lincolnshire to be sold.

Photo 05-10-2013 16 25 11_Fotor

The reason I was so excited for the Goose Fair was because I missed it last year, being a mostly tired and confused fresher. Hence, I definitely didn’t want to miss it again! The second you enter the fair your senses are bombarded with the smell of burgers and the sounds of children and cotton candy machines. My favorite part of fairs are the crazy thrill rides, so of course I made my way to the Bomber Mark 3 which was this massive machine:

Photo 05-10-2013 16 46 59

A sign near the ride claimed it was the “tallest, fastest traveling ride in the world”. I didn’t believe it of course, but as I was strapped into my seat I begin to regret my decision. However after 2 minutes of being swung upside down and my hair in a mess I regretted nothing, except maybe screaming so much. Then it was on to bumper cars which I learnt are actually called dodgems in England!

Photo 05-10-2013 17 15 31

After that we headed to a friend’s place to catch up and get some pizza (just like old times). It was definitely a Saturday well spent and a luxury I can’t afford after my 25+ hours of classes a week start again. Help!

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