June 12, 2013, by Sarah

Bristol Times

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying being exam-free (anyone with exams left…stay strong), I am and I have been trying to make the most of being home.

This week I went to a friends house and had takeaway and played games. We also watched League of Gentleman which is so wrong but so good. Also I decided Grand Theft Auto is not my things (how surprising!). However and whilst walking to the takeaway I happened to see this:

dog car


Sorry the picture quality is poor, but that is a husky in the driving seat. I was entertained.

Speaking of dogs in cars I also saw this outside tesco:



Is it just me or does sweep look like he’s trapped in the back of the van? His eyes are somewhat…melancholic. Maybe there’s a reason he can only squeak?!

This week I also made crispy duck pancakes which involved going to an amazing Vietnamese supermarket, I spent so long in there just looking at all the different foods I’d never seen before, there’s so much to discover in the world! I also made chocolate and strawberry tarts which turned out pretty well:



Unfortunately I am still nauseous and it does look like some kind of stomach ulcer, probably stress induced from exams, but I am being treated now so hopefully it’s all up from here! Going away this weekend to visit a friend and we are going to see Colin Morgan (from Merlin) in the Tempest at the Globe! I’m so excited! I will take pictures and update you all next week.

Something entertaining I was reminded of is this, possibly the worst piece of 90s pop ever and completely dishonouring the Muppet’s legacy

Have a lovely week!

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