May 29, 2013, by Sarah

We are the Champions

To all those revising, head on desk, bloodshot eyes, shaking hands – I salute you. I am aware that you are enduring torment so that you might achieve, and that for you freedom is currently the light at the end of a distant tunnel – somewhat like the escape from Shawshank. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

However, I’m free!

Sorry, but it’s true.

It’s been a fairly horrible couple of weeks, involving a lot of nausea and failing internet (just WHY?) but now it’s over. I’m still feeling ill but hopefully it’s all up from here. Hopefully. I don’t have much to say because all I’ve mostly just been unwell/ working/ being hypocritical.

Honestly, I know about anti-nausea drugs and to eat dry foods and sharp tasting foods little and often to stimulate taste buds  – yet I kept thinking “It will be over soon” and just tried to put it to the back of my mind and have consequently shrunk my stomach. Fail. I eat a satsuma and feel full. So that’s the current project! I suppose I can reflect on this when meeting patients who are struggling to eat due to nausea. If anyone’s working and feeling sick – I feel your pain – just try and manage something…anything, if you can.

I did happen to go on a walk this week to the SB canal in the nice weather which was beautiful:

canal (2)

I also learnt what “grillz” were and made some out of foil with my housemate when the internet was down. Photographic evidence was too embarrassing. Yes this week has been all kinds of crazy.


So now I’m just trying to relax and do all those post-revision chores and hopefully I’ll feel better soon! Stay strong everyone and rest up! I thought I’d end on a happy video anyway:

Whatever you get in exams or your degree – however you manage, your degree isn’t your life and it doesn’t define you. We are Champions 🙂 Stay strong this week!

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