May 28, 2013, by Kiran

Obvious Life Tips About Things That Don’t Matter




Last week I was going crazy in the library:



That was before. I am now one of the lucky few that have  finished, done with exams and essays and Hallward. (Didn’t mean to rub it if you are not free yet! It will all be over soon) If you are still stuck in the library though I recommend dancing around a bit to get your energy levels back up! Perhaps build a book fort or try and look for a secret passageway. Or just do your work.

After hand in I felt pretty much exactly the same. There was a flicker of relief and then I went straight into denial that this was the end of my degree.

And so I reverted back to those Fresher days where all you had to worry about was a killer fancy dress outfit. The trouble is I am not really an expert in fancy dress and so here are some tips for putting together a lazy outfit…



Add animal ears to an outfit and voila you are in fancy dress:


While the rest of your housemates buy outfits from Ebay or make their own you should just draw on some whiskers and hey presto you are a cat:



If you are going for an elaborate outfit however, just make sure you can sit down in it…



On a completely unrelated note, if you are planning to get away from uni for a bit to visit friends do not forget your toothbrush! However, do not follow my Dad’s advice on the matter.  Always after a long car journey but just before we arrive he says: ‘Oh no, I’ve forgotten my toothbrush, we’ll have to turn back!’ Luckily, as I discovered they do sell them pretty much everywhere so it is not the end of the world. Just buy another one. Phew! Crisis averted!


It could almost be a dental advert…almost

Other life tips that do not have any relevance to one another include:

  • Do not ice cakes if they are too hot – the icing begins to look like sick
  • Do not run for trains – there will always be another one
  • Do not feel embarrassed to look slightly overworked so that bus drivers let you get on the bus for free
  • Do not worry about accpeting free food from your housemates
  • Do not read my blog to receive great advice – but do read my blog


From all that jumbled up advice, you are probably thinking ‘I already do all of that!’ or ‘Why is this relevant to me?’ (I did try to warn you in the unnecessarily long title of this blog!) Well if you were  thinking any of the above then you have passed at life!

So it really doesn’t matter if you fail your exams now…


(which I am sure you will not!)


p.s. I am aware this blog is slightly late. You are probably glad it was now but…



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