May 8, 2013, by Sarah

Revision fever

Imagine, if you will:

You are looking at your hand, and you notice a small red mark, like chicken pox.

You spend a long time cleaning it, putting on special medication, and eventually, after your extensive ministrations, the spot disappears. You think to yourself “brilliant, my hand is healed, how nice to see some clear skin on my hand.”

Then you look in the mirror and your entire body is covered.

This is a metaphor for how I was finishing up coursework – and now I have started revising. There is a lot of revision to do!  Early Easter meant coursework deadlines stretched into May, pushing revision further back like people jostling in a Next clearance sale. And now it’s all kicking off.  So my brain turned to poetry


The secret to useful revision

Is planning your work with precision

Map every detail

At least if you fail

You’ll have mapped out every decision


The secret to first-class revising

Is really rather surprising

You think very hard

Make revision cards

And learn subjects you end up despising


That is the state of my brain right now. Just to clarify, I still love my subject, but the rhymes for revising are somewhat limited.Other wise I had a mock consultation which was stressful but helpful – pretending to be a “real” Dietitian is somewhat surreal- but I bought a twister to celebrate and ate it in the sun.


I also went out for a meal with friends who were celebrating dissertation submission – one of them tried to put this in his mouth:


Then had to cover his mouth with the napkin while he chewed as food was leaking out. Nice. I think if the gaps around your lips are bulging, then your mouth is too full.


I also went to drama again and channelled my inner crazy-murderer woman, I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing.


Have a lovely week everyone!!


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