April 17, 2013, by Sarah

My Easter holiday in pictures

Well, sadly, the Easter holiday is drawing to a close, and it’s been busy, fun, moderately productive and definitely nice to be home. So this post I thought I’d do a picture summary of what I’ve been up to – building on last weeks post.

So I went on holiday:


To Cornwall…which was actually rather nice

Cornwall house

We ate lovely food

cornwall food 1
COrnwall food 3cornwall food 2

Saw beautiful places

cornwall beautiful

Went on walks and cycling

COrnwall weather

Enjoyed the weather – it actually was ok!

Cornwall walks


Spent time with family and made some friends

Cornwall friend 2 Cornwall friend 1


Went swimming

Well it was too cold to actually swim

Well it was too cold to actually swim

Watched films

Cornwall tv

50 inches of winning. Our home TV is deeper than it is wide so this was an exciting change!

I also actually did a fair amount of work on holiday, and have been trying to continue that since I’ve been back. One thing about Uni is that Summer is a true holiday, but Easter and Christmas aren’t really. You can still enjoy them but you still need to keep one foot in the world of academia.

However, as a form of procrastination I have created this flow chart to illustrate the progression of my attitude towards work:

simpson 6


So since I’ve been back I’ve been working, shopping, seeing family and friends and watching TV (YAY TV license at home). Currently loving Broadchurch and the Great British Sewing Bee, and guiltily enjoying The Voice and Don’t just stand there…I’m having your baby. However, although the work is onerous, I do love my course and it should all be worth it 🙂

Funniest Quote of the Easter Holidays:

Watching Kung FU Panda 2, the scene goes into slow motion therefore the voices of the character’s become elongated and lower.

MUM: What?! Are they on Helium?


Anyway, hope the Easter holidays are going well for everyone and I will fill you in on Uni news when I get back!

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